Friday, December 08, 2006

What is that, another pair of socks?

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These were started yesterday for car knitting, I have found that I cannot knit the lace for the hedera look-alikes in the car, it requires too much attention and I make myself carsick. Yesterday was supposed to be our weekly trip to Watertown for supplies, and I needed some plain old no stitch pattern knitting for the ride. Well, it snowed so no Watertown trip, but I still have new socks!

( btw, is it just me or do all socks, when started toe up two at once always look kinda like a strange, colourful bra when photographed?)

this is the yarn I'm using:

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I found it in my stash, one ball had already been re-wound into a center pull, and this one had no label, I know it's Regia, but that's about it (the center pull must have been wound from the outside in because the two sock are striping in opposite colour direction. I don't care; I think it makes them look kinda cool).

I bought this, along with the yarn used for the sweater ornament, several years ago when I first started knitting. I wanted to make socks, so I found a generic top down pattern and went at it and made myself a sock, it didn't fit, so I never made its mate (I still have the second ball sitting in my stash waiting for a non-sock use.) and I never made socks again until last winter when I fell in love with toe up and short row heels. And now I'm afraid I have caught the sock bug!


Monika said...

I've never seen this Regia color. I like it very much. Would have bought it also. This will be some funny socks! ;o)

Abigail said...

They certainly are, I can't wait until they are done so I can wear them, I always love funky socks.
I wish I had managed to save the ball bands to the yarn so I could have more info, but they came from a time before good stash organization.

brandilion said...

The socks look great. i like that they are opposite in the colors it makes them interesting yet very obviously a pair. I don't think that the colors will be an issue when they are finished and being worn. I am working on my first ever pair of socks and will post pics soon.
They do look like boobies so far :)

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