Thursday, December 21, 2006

the last minute wips

It's getting down to the wire, and I began to feel guilty about the lack of hand madeness to my gifts so I found some nice little last minute knits.

First, a heart sachet (pdf) for my grandmother.

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Bolstered by Jo's success I jumped in on this one, I'm knitting it a bit smaller than the pattern calls for and my hands are not happy. I'm using left over yarn from my hederas.

Using even more leftover yarn is Perdita, in bluebell for my cousin.

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This one is super quick, and I'm having fun, this is my first time beading too.

And last but not least mitten tops for Bill's mitts.

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This is probably not going to be done on time, I was trying to keep it secret, but it's hard to secretly knit for somebody where you are around them so much.

The mitts were made about three years ago when Bill and I first began dating. I had a lot less knitting experience and sticktoitivness then, and the tops never got finished. He's been wearing the mitts whenever it's cold, and there's always the joke about how his fingers are cold, and when will they get finished. But I'm a lot closer to that now ;)


Jo said...

Wow!!! Your heart sachet is looking great. I didn't bother with the tension/gauge thing.

I love how great your 'Fetching' turned out and I may just have to jump on the bandwagon for them too.

Anonymous said...

I like the knitted bracelet concept, but I'm waiting to find a pattern for something that's a bit thinner. As the pattern writer said of herself, I also remember the huge amounts of time I used to spend making friendship bracelets.

I have a similar project to finish up for TP that I plan on giving him this year.

Abigail said...

Jo – the fetching were easy and quite fun, I love them! You should definitely make some, I wear mine all the time.

Ourika – the blue bell pattern isn't that bad, only about 2.5 inches. It's exactly the width that my cousin will like; she likes the big bracelet thing, although I agree with you and usually prefer the thinner kinds of bracelets.

I've made so many other things for Bill, including two pairs of slippers and a pair of boot socks, but I've always felt bad about never finishing his mittens, it feels nice to finally be getting them done.

Kathy... said...

All of your knits are beautiful! I think I will search for the heart sachet pattern. What a beautiful little gift!!
Thanks for the comments you left on my blog. Yes, I think I will enjoy the new blogger very much.
And, for Sofee - she is quite the ham, isn't she? I get the camera, and she freezes and the posses start!! She is quite the character!
Kathy in Iowa

kat said...

the sachets are beautiful. kevin at my lys is giving a class in them. i'm tempted to take it...

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