Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year's Eve everybody.

As you can see by my progress bars, I've finished almost every project I had on the needles. For a day or two I literally had nothing but those socks, no old UFO's, nothing.

I'm starting the New Year clean

And hopefully with the help of this blog, you, and my progress bars, I won't fall into the trap of starting a project and then casting it aside for something new and shiny and never finishing it, as I have before.

I've ripped out the only old project that I had left that I knew I wasn't ever going to finish, it was going to be a crochet ripple afghan, and I was making good time on it... last winter. Then my wrist started cracking uncomfortably when I would go longer than half a row so it got put aside and languished until the other day when I ripped it out. I'm thinking about starting another smaller, knit afghan using the ripped out yarn, but I doubt I'll put it in the progress bars, it will mostly be, just something to keep my hands busy while I wait for other projects to come to me.

I cleaned out my stash, it was beginning to become unruly, and full of yarn that I haven't even looked at in over a year (including yarn meant for the afghan) I ended up giving away three grocery bags worth of acrylic to somebody on freecycle, and now I have much more room to properly organize my stash. And buy more wool!

For the New Year I already have some projects in mind:

Bill and I plan on getting out more this winter, which necessitates new winter wear, in the form of scarves and mittens for him. I really want to make Bill a pair of Squirrel and Oak mittens but I have to wait until the 19th(!) for Knit Picks to restock the colour of green he wants.

I've also ordered the yarn to begin Sheep shawl I plan on giving to Monica as a gift for being my bridesmaid. I joined a KAL, but I'm becoming a little worried, as I can't seem to find anybody in the KAL, or Blogosphere who has actually finished this shawl.

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To keep me busy in the meantime, I'm starting a scarf for him out of some beautiful Icelandic wool I found in the stash while I was cleaning up. I bought it in Reinbeck three years ago with no project in mind. It's just a simple slip stitch pattern, and it doesn't show up well in the picture, but it's nice, and wont curl, and as long as it's a warm scarf I don't mnd.

Scratch that, I decided I didn't like that pattern, so I changed it, and my needles size, and when I went back to do the math, I realized I had somehow done the math wrong the first time, and realized there was no way in heck I was going t get any kind of good length out of the yarn I had.

:: sigh :: back to the drawing board.

I have some purple/pink/blue Cascade Pastaza I bought at the same time that im going to use for a scarf for me if I can find a good stitch pattern.

Don't worry, once the yarn arrives, I'll have much more interesting pictures to show you.


kat said...

wow doesn't even sound like you'll need to join the UFO Resurrection 2007, good for you!

Abigail said...

We'll see how it goes once summer starts and I go back to work.

See, the restaurant I work at is seasonal, so I have winters off, and as we have no cable, or reception, I pretty much sit around all day during the winter and knit, but during the summer I work 8 hours a day (sometimes more), 6 days a week in a very hot kitchen, so I don't have much energy for knitting once I get home, so my resolution may very well die once summer starts.

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