Friday, December 01, 2006

Pink: (insert Aerosmith joke here)

While In Watertown yesterday a string of really pretty pink glass beads caught my eye, and even though I don't do much beading I bought them on a whim.
This is the result:
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I'm really getting into the homemade stitch marker thing. Ever since I made the bunch for Bills mom, I've had the bug.
I was looking around etsy and the price they usually go for just isn't worth it, most people are selling them at cost or a little above, and frankly I would want to make more for my effort. So I guess I will have to just settle to making a few sets every now and then to give to friends.
On the knitting front:
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What's that... a heel?!
That's right ladies and gentlemen; I've finally made it to the heels.
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And a mighty fine heel it is if I don't say so myself!
I'm using the Sherman heel and its coming out way better than any of the other short row techniques I've used so far, I think this one is a keeper!


Anonymous said...

I made my first heel the other day! Not nearly as pretty as your socks, though.

Abigail said...

Heels are fun! As are socks in general.
Although I still can't get regular flap heels to come out without weird gaps, but that's ok, because short row heels fit me better anyways!

Anonymous said...

I loved how your heel turned out. I'm trying to find a nice short row heel that doesn't have holes in it. When I clicked on the link for the Sherman Heel the page doesn't come up.

Abigail said...

Sue, it's working for me.

I had somebody else mention having problems with it, I think the site goes down periodically, but I don't know what I can do, but suggest to try it again in a bit.

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